Eternal Technology was established in 2001 and has grown to become the preferred supplier of custom parts for businesses, engineers and inventors around the world. We now offer manufacturing services including Injection Mold, Plastic Injection, CNC Milling, Turning, Laser, Stamping, Metal Springs and Wire Forms, and more than 50 materials. With more than 20 years' experience in this industry, we feature an experienced engineering team with ISO 9001: 2015 quality system that is adaptable enough to cater for one-off prototypes through to mass production in volume.


Eternal Technology has proudly and successfully manufactured millions of useful products that touch people's everyday life - ranging from the first cup of coffee to keeping our food and drinks stay fresh longer or high performance industrial products. Eternal Technology produces products that make our homes personalized and smart, and produce customer solutions that are reducing CO2 emissions globally. Each and every one of the products is made with technical precision plastic injection molding, precision metal products, continuous improvement and innovation throughout time.


Our team are thoughtful and good at understanding your idea and points, which will help to make your work much easier. Based on our accurate machining, competitive cost and satisfactory customer service, our products have been exported around the world. With 6500 square meters of production workshop, the lead time can be guaranteed well. The difference you get with Eternal Technology is our experience and capabilities in developing innovative and difficult-to-make parts. We'll provide top-flight custom parts so that you can create the perfect end product.


If you have any questions about products, please contact us.