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As a manufacturer of customized metal and plastic products which are including stamping parts, die casting parts, CNC parts, injection parts, molds, wire forms and springs for more than 20 years, Eternal Tech stops at nothing to help today’s engineers realize their design objectives and supply high quality products.



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  • Frontiers Of Science And Technology

    Frontiers Of Science And Technology

    We are always at the forefront of science and technology, actively participate in domestic and international academic conferences and industry technology exchanges, and formulate relevant natural extract standards. We have developed anti-oxidation, aphrodisiac ingredients,sweeteners and nootropics. Our products are hot-selling and science and technology frontiers in the market.
  • Top R&D capability

    Top R&D capability

    We have gathered the top R&D teams and equipment in China. At the same time, we have received technical consultation and services from relevant European and American institutions. We have our own independent laboratories, developed effective active ingredients for related natural extracts, and developed a deep research Series of derivatives and monomers.
  • One-stop solution

    One-stop solution

    18 years of export experience, more than 200 series products, thousands of international transportation practices, more than 40 countries' trade experience, familiar with relevantnational regulations, providing customers withour core products and hot products. At the same time, we meet the needs of other trading products of our customers and provide one-stop solutions for Chinese health products.